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San Juan Del Sur Episode 7


This episode should have been about the merge and the face off between two of the season's most strategic players. Unfortunately, it was tainted by the most persistent and undesirable story line of the season. The quitter is finally gone. As several of you suggested back in the pre-season JABBIC shows, the downside to the BvW theme is you can end up with castaways that are only here to support their loved one and quickly lose interest in the game when their chances diminish or the game gets challenging. Kudos to Keith. Who would have predicted he would be a standout at this stage of the game?

What did you think about Julie's choice to conceal food and her reasons for quitting? What did you think about how Jeff managed the quit? Who will Jon and Jaclyn side with now? Who will emerge in the majority alliance? What did you think of Missy's advice to Baylor? Who do you think is the most unlikely winner at this point in the game? Who do you think will be the next to go? For those playing in JSFL, will you choose a new USB?

Here is the merged tribe after episodes 7.
Huyopa:Alec, Baylor, Jaclyn, Jeremy, Josh, Jon, Keith, Missy, Natalie, Reed and Wes

We've got several ways you can reach us. You can call and leave a voicemail at 206-350-1547. You can record an audio comment and attach it or just type up a quick text message and send it to us via email at Listener Feedback is due by Saturday noon PST. Please keep it to 3 minutes or less. We are at the merge and you can change your USB or select a new one if your original USB left the game already.

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50:59 Ancient Voices 29 San Juan Del Sur mix by Aaron from Granville

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