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Blood vs. Water Episode 12

What a doozy of an episode! We witnessed Survivor history as this was only the second time that we have seen the castaways end up drawing rocks. In addition, this marked the third week in a row that Ciera's choices have been a core theme of the episode. First it was the choice to vote off her mom, next it was the choice to dissolve the final five alliance, and now to abandon the final four alliance. Gervase put an end to Monica's winning streak at the Immunity challenges, but he might have also put an end to his chances to win over the jury. Hayden did a great job of getting in Gervase's head and with a little help from Probst prompted several significant, emotional outbursts that could poison the jury pool. Hayden managed to stay safe this week through an impressive display of manipulation of Ciera, Gervase and Tyson.

Why would Tyson be willing to pull rocks? Will Monica flip? Is it possible for Gervase to recover and still make a case for why he should win? Who do you think is the most likely to make it to final three now? Who is most likely to return from RI? Who is your choice for next to go?

Here is the merged tribe after episode 12.
Kasama: Ciera, Gervase, Hayden, Monica, and Tyson.
Redemption Island:Katie, LauraM, and Tina

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