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One World Episode 12

Yes Kat, blindsides are fun and exciting, for the fans. Poor clueless Kat, Kat the brat, the fart blossom of her tribe. She provided lots of comic relief and her occasional struggles for self awareness and the consideration of her legacy in the game, almost make us feel sorry for her, almost. In the end, she might have a shot at being remembered for lowering the bar of comparison for future castaways. Kim made another strategic blunder this week, but was able to lay most of that off on Kat. She appears unstoppable at this point. Only a bitter jury will foil her plans to win it all!

Who will Kim choose to replace Kat in her final three master plan? Who of the remaining players represent the biggest physical threats? How about the strategic threats? Who do you think the jury is already favoring? Has Greg been scamming everyone and really playing the best possible game to get himself to the end?

Here is the merged tribe after episode 12.
Tikiana:Alicia, Chelsea, Christina, Greg, Kim and Sabrina

Jo Ann thinks Tarzan will be the next to go. Stacy thinks it is finally time to send Christina packing. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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