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Nicaragua Episode 4


That is four in a row now that appear to have self destructed in Tribal Council. The theme for this season continues to be, "Hey look at me. Watch me talk my way right into being voted out!"

How would you play it if you were in Marty's shoes? Would you choose to keep a physically weaker player that would vote with you over someone that could probably do more to help your tribe win a challenge? What did you think of Brenda's choice to let Chase know that NaOnka has the HII? Would you have kept that to yourself? Did she really gain anything by doing that? Do you think NaOnka was succesful in intimidating Kelly B and Alina? Do you think NaOnka will quit if the odds turn against her? Jill is susposedly a super fan like you. How would you rate her game to date? How do you think the tribe shuffle will affect the game?

Here are the tribes after episode 4.
La Flor:Alina, Benry, Brenda, Chase, Jud, Kelly B, Kelly S, NaOnka, and Sash
Espada:Dan, Holly, Jane, Jill, Marty, Tyrone and Yve

Jo Ann and Stacy both think Dan will not survive the impending tribal shuffle. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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