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Samoa Episode 11

The contrast is so stark for us as we watch the events unfold. John thinks he is having a discussion with an ally and an equal in the game. Russell decides that a new threat has surfaced, partially of his own making, and needs to be eliminated immediately. A line was crossed in the course of what seemed like a friendly conversation and the target is completely unaware of the impending danger. John might as well have been in the cage with the chickens at that point.

Do you think Shambo will feel betrayed by Foa Foa and flip back to Galu? Will she be willing to force a tie at the next tribal council? Would you try to keep her till the end, or would it be better to get rid of her next? It appears now that Galu has become the underdogs. Are you tempted to start rooting for one of them to strike back and win now?

Here is the tribe after the eleventh episode:
Aiga: Brett, Dave, Jaison, Mick, Monica, Natalie, Russell H, Shambo

Jo Ann thinks Mick will not survive questioning Russell's allegiance. Stacy thinks they need to get rid of Shambo because she has served her purpose and can not be trusted. Who do you think will be voted out next?

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Survivor Samoa single by Russ Landau
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42:49 Ancient Voices Samoa by Russ Landau

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