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Gabon Episode 3

Now that both tribes have gotten rid of the "weakest" players, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Poor Paloma never really seemed to have a chance. She appeared to share some negative qualities with Michelle which similarly set her on a course to leave early. Go back and look at her bio picture and then consider how she carried herself in the game. It's like looking at two different people. Was she perhaps trying to con everyone much like Ace?

Randy's head wound seems to be healed, but now he seems to be on a crash course with GC. Which will go first Randy or the Golden Child? Are the seams in Ace's con game starting to show or is he the real deal? Given the opportunity, would you have voted him out instead of Paloma? Who's playing the better game: Ace or Sugar? Do you think we're likely to see a tribe shuffle next week?

Here are tribes after the third episode:
KOTA: Ace, Bob, Charlie, Corinne, Jacquie, Kelly, Marcus, and Sugar
FANG: Crystal, Dan, GC, Ken, Matty, Randy, and Susie

Jo Ann thinks Susie will be the next to be voted out. Stacy thinks GC's time is finally up. Who do you think will be voted out next?

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