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This week we interviewed Michaela Bradshaw. She was the second castaway to leave the game in week 11 of Survivor Game Changers. Imagine being hired for a job because of one key skill you possessed and then showing up for work and finding out that your peers refuse to allow you to work on projects relevant to your skill. That is what Michaela's second season became. She managed to find other ways to make an impact but spent a large portion of the game confused and frustrated. Sandra and Cirie helped her get her mind right, but not even the mighty Cirie could save her from a spur of the moment, late game blindside.

Listen to this interview to hear behind the scenes details on her extremely rocky start to the season, how Brad came to accuse her of blackmail, the scoop on the whisperfest that erupted at her last Tribal Council, who she would like to see win and much more.

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