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Another episode, another awesome blindside! Yes, season 30 is off to a good start. Max and Shirin continued their tribute to past Survivors. Last week it was Tarzan, this week it was Hatch. Dan, Mike and Nina continued to demonstrate that being a fan does not equal a smart player. Will may have struggled in the challenge, but he certainly took control at Tribal Council and decided who would be voted off. The No Collar tribe will likely sleep easier with Vince gone, but do you think they made the best decision to maintain their numbers?

Do you think Mike and Nina will recover? What did you think of Max and Shirin's choice? Could you ever be that bold? Did your perception of anyone change significantly this week? Who do you think is in control of each tribe? Who do you think will be next to go?

Here are the tribes after episode 2.
Escameca/Blue Collar:Dan, Kelly, Lindsey, Mike, Rodney, Sierra
Nagarote/No Collar:Hali, Jenn, Joe, Nina, Will
Masaya/White Collar:Carolyn, Joaquin, Max, Shirin, Tyler

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