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Blood vs. Water Episode 3

The two time quitter is finally gone, and we will not have to endure any additional pseudo drama from him this season! That alone would be cause for celebration, but this episode contained a great, vintage challenge packed with intense rivalries and surprising results. Then, it closed with a fantastic blindside as our first "loved ones" couple is now at RI where they will now have to duel each other, for a chance to return to the game.

What did you think about how Probst handled the quit? Does a castaway with a dislocated shoulder and possibly ripped tendons have a chance to win? Would you have been able to knock your family member off the platform in that challenge? How has your assessment of Aras and Vytus changed? Who has the best chance to make it back from RI? Who's in the best position to win it all based on what you've seen in these first three episodes?

Here are the tribes after episode 3.
Galang:Aras, Gervase, Kat, LauraB, LauraM, Monica, Tina and Tyson
Tadhana:Brad, Caleb, Ciera, Hayden, Katie, and Vytas
Redemption Island:Candice, John, and Marissa

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