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Caramoan Episode 13

Can any action be viewed as selfless at this stage in the game? The "Loved Ones" episodes are always full of overflowing emotion and fraught with this type of quandary. Some have actively avoided winning just so they do not have to make the tough choices. Brenda faced a tough choice: Do I risk making my competitors stronger by giving the reward away to the larger group or focus on the ones that are closest to me? She may have figured that Dawn was strong enough to handle the repercussions, but it might have been the excuse that Dawn was looking for to turn on her. How significant do you think Cochran's role was in turning the tide against Brenda? Will Brenda's hurt feelings come back to haunt them?

We are down to the final five and surprisingly, there are still two "Fans" in the game. Do Eddie or Sherri have a shot at the $1m? Who has been riding coattails and who has been actively working to get themselves to the end? What is your pick for the final four order?

Here is the tribe after episode 13.
Madeline:Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, Erik, and Sherri

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48:20 AV26 Sweet Elec

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