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Caramoan Episode 8

Let the blindsides begin! The feud between Corrine and Phillip has been settled. Lucky for secret agent underpants that Dawn is so sentimental about the anniversary of her undoing back in Survivor South Pacific courtesy of Cochran. If she had not already been so anxious and maudlin, she might have welcomed Corrine's plan and saw it as a way to move up the chain above Andrea. At least she took some action this time. Looks like Dawn has grown from her previous experience. You don't have to be a Cochran fan to be happy for his win tonight. That was a truly impressive display of eating prowess.

Now that the favs have turned on each other, do you think the chances look better for the fans? What's a plausible cover story for Malcolm? Where do you see Brenda and Erik in the favs alliance? Is there still a chance they could flip? How do you think Malcolm and Reynold should play the OPIIs?

Here is the new, merged tribe after episode 8.
Madeline:Cochran, Dawn, Michael, and Phillip, Andrea, Brenda, Eddie, Erik, Malcolm , Reynold, and Sherri

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