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Caramoan Episode 4 LF

There was definitely one thing we all agreed on. Regardless of how he left, it was good to see Shamar make his exit which also resulted in many of you voting karma as "Player of the Week". Reviews on Laura's departure were mixed. Many valued her for her strategic play, but the exit interviews left many wondering how much of that was favorable editing. We had some good back-n-forth on the classic strength versus loyalty question, and opinions for the season overall are still generally positive with much credit being given to the return of serious water challenges.

For each episode, we provide 3 podcasts: an episode recap, an interview with the castoff, and a chance for Survivor fans like yourself to sound off on what you saw and how you think the castaways are fairing in the game. Nineteen fans shared their thoughts on episode 4 and predictions for what we'll see next.

We want to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to another great Listener Feedback show. This week we heard from: Alice, BostonMark, Trey, Samantha, Lil' Russ, Sandi, Jonathan, Brian, Kenny, Josh, DrewG, Carolyn, Aaron, BrandonB, KathyS, Barry, BrandonA, Mikeybear, and Paul.

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00:00 Date
00:04 Ancient Voices Caramoan by Russ Landau
00:34 Introductions
01:40 Alice in Sarasota, FL
04:32 Boston Mark
07:30 Trey from Virginia
09:55 Samantha from California
11:20 Lil' Russ
15:18 Sandi from Atlanta
17:28 Jonathan is Awesome
19:10 Brian from Madison, WI
20:40 Kenny from Dallas, TX
24:35 Josh the Plush Moose
27:34 DrewG from Utah
33:36 Carolyn from the Beautiful Bronx
37:47 Aaron from Williamsville, NY
40:40 BrandonB from Brooklyn
43:14 KathyS from Reisterstown, MD
44:26 Barry from Mississippi
46:12 BrandonA from Cleveland, OH
49:18 Mikeybear from Hackensack, NJ
51:05 Paul from Louisiana
54:05 Wrap Up
62:32 Ancient Voices Sweet Elec by Russ Landau

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