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One World Episode 8

So long sneaky banker. You danced, dodged, bobbed and weaved until Kim got some food in her belly and could think clearly again. Fully powered up, Kim managed to not only nuke Mike, but also manipulate Troy, manage Jay and almost won individual immunity. Can you imagine what she will be able to accomplish if she manages to win a second reward challenge? It sure would be great if we got a pecking order challenge in episode 9 so everyone could see where they stood.

Does Troy have a chance to recover? Should he play his HII now? Will he be forced to reveal that he has an HII to ensure that he can get enough votes to take control of the tribe? Does Kim have it in the bag from here? Who do you think the men could convince to swing their votes away from the all female alliance?

Here is the merged tribe after episode 8.
Tikiana:Alicia, Chelsea, Christina, Greg, Jay, Kat, Kim, Leif, Sabrina and Troy

Jo Ann thinks the annihilation will continue as Jay becomes the next victim of the women's alliance. Stacy thinks that Troy will come to his senses and set a trap for Kim. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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