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South Pacific Episode 4

They really kept us guessing with this one. There were so many potential vote outs presented in the first half of the episode. Brandon continued his disintegration, while further undermining his supposed alliance. Edna got a wake up call. Cochran, Dawn and Jim were considering risky moves, which in turn highlighted Elyse as a new target too. Once the Immunity Challenge was settled it narrowed a bit, but we still were looking at Brandon, Edna or Stacey when Tribal Council started. Would you consider cutting Brandon loose this soon if you were in the majority alliance? If you were on the outside of a majority like Cochran and Dawn, would you consider voting out Ozzy? Time for another duel. Who wins in the showdown between Christine and Stacey?

Here are the tribes after episode 4.
Savaii:Cochran, Dawn, Elyse, Jim, Keith, Ozzy and Whitney
Upolu:Albert, Brandon, Coach, Edna, Mikayla, Rick, and Sophie
Redemption Beach: Christine vs. Stacey

Jo Ann thinks Edna will be next to leave. Stacy thinks Upolu has finally had enough of unpredictible Brandon and send him on a retreat to Redemption Beach before he makes his final stop at Loser's Lodge. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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