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Redemption Island Episode 3


The surprises just keep coming. Until this episode, Russell had never been voted out. This season he is so disliked by his own tribe that they risked their future in the game to send him packing, if only momentarily. How about that Ralph? How long has it been since we've seen someone keep a secret when it comes to the HII?

Do you think Ometepe's win will help them turn it around and shift the game in their favor? Do you think the Zapatera six knew that Russell would target Julie, or did she come up with the plan to scam him all by herself? Can you see a way for Stephanie to redeem herself? Who do you think will win the next RI showdown?

Here are the tribes after episode 3.
Ometepe:Andrea, Ashley, Grant, Kristina, Natalie, Phillip and Rob
Zapatera:David, Julie, Krista, Mike, Ralph, Sarita, Stephanie and Steve
Redemption Island Duel:Russell vs. Matt

Jo Ann thinks Kristina we'll go next. Stacy thinks it will be Andrea. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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The new version of Ancient Voices for this season is available in iTunes!
Ancient Voices Survivor 22 Redemption Island - Single by Russ Landau

00:00 Date
00:04 Ancient Voices Redemption Island by Russ Landau
00:25 Introductions
33:16 NToS
34:53 JSFL Update
40:14 Ancient Voices Redemption Island by Russ Landau

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