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Samoa Episode 12 LF

While perhaps not up to par with the prior three, the general consensus was that this was an enjoyable episode. Jaison was recognized by many for several smart moves. Several folks acknowledged that John did the best he could when so outmatched. Shambo appears to have lost some of her luster as she was described as "nuttier than squirrel poo" and has "kanagaroos loose in the top paddock". As always, we enjoyed hearing all your analysis and predictions for episode 13 and the pending double elimination.

For each episode, we provide 3 podcasts: an episode recap, an interview with the castoff and a chance for Survivor fans like yourself to sound off on what you saw and how you think the castaways are fairing in the game. Twenty six fans just like you shared their thoughts on episode 12 and predictions for what we'll see next.

We want to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to another excellent LF show. This week we heard from: Brian, John, Shane, Rashmi, Drew G, Ted, Jeremiah, Shelley, Christy, Matt, Ian, Helen, Samantha, Jaimes, Carolyn, Shoey, Paul, Deedee, Graham, Drew T, Tammy, Griffen, Chris, Becca, Fan of Skypecast, and Robert

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Survivor Samoa single by Russ Landau
00:02 Date
00:05 Ancient Voices Samoa by Russ Landau
00:25 Introductions
04:38 Brian from GA
08:27 John from Houston
11:35 Shane from Melbourne, Australia
16:15 Rashmi from Perth
18:40 Drew from Utah
21:43 Ted from Everett, WA
23:00 Jeremiah from St. Louis
26:30 Shelley from Australia
28:50 Christy from Los Angeles
32:23 Matt from Connecticutt
34:40 Ian from Ottawa
37:52 Helen from Virginia
39:19 Samantha from California
40:32 Jaimes
40:50 Carolyn from upstate New York
43:57 Shoey from Australia
45:24 Paul from Louisiana
48:58 Deedee from Cape Town, South Africa
54:01 Graham from Scotland
56:00 Drew T from New Jersey
59:07 Tammy from Grand Rapids, MI
62:19 Griffen from Vancouver
63:49 Chris from Alabama
66:02 Becca from England
68:51 Fan of Skypecast
69:31 Robert from Northern CA
69:57 Wrap-up
72:09 Ancient Voices Samoa by Russ Landau

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