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Tocantins Episode 11

Amazing isn't it? Jalapao came into the merge down in numbers 6 to 4 and thanks to Joe's injury almost immediately made it even worse becoming 6 vs 3. It should have been a simple task for Timbira to pick them off one by one and coast into the final Tribal Council. But, against all odds the Jalapao 3 haved more than evened the odds and appear with Erinn's allegiance to now have the advantage.

Is there a secret, all female alliance in the works? How come we see so little of Taj? Do you think Deb will really turn on coach? Does she constantly defer to him to placate him, or does she perhaps not believe she deserves to go further in the game? Stephen said Sierra was erratic and a threat in challenges, but he liked coach because he was neither of those. What happened the last time someone said they liked coach because he was predictable?

Here is the merged tribe after the eleventh episode:
Forza: Benjamin, Debra, Erinn, JT, Stephen, Taj

Jo Ann thinks Deb will be next to go. Stacy is sticking with Coach. Who do you think will be voted out in episode 12?

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Thanks to Paul for the LF and Survivor Tocantins Ancient Voices mashups.

Survivor Tocantins single by Russ Landau

00:02 Date
00:05 Ancient Voices Tocantins by Russ Landau
00:43 Introductions
01:38 Recap
41:54 Next Time on Survivor
46:29 JSFL Update
50:24 Ancient Voices Tocantins

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