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Gabon Episode 12 Listener Feedback

Once again, there's something here for everyone. Think Ken, Bob, or Matty are going next? Think this was a great episode or a predictable, boring one? Curious why Kenny the great strategist needed to vote for Matty at all or how Susie might win if she makes it to the end? All these predictions, assessments, questions and much more are shared and answered in today's show.

We want to thank and acknowledge everyone who contributed to another excellent Listener Feedback show. This week we hear from: Tim, Samantha, Kathy W, Fancy, John, Surya, Shane, Tammy, Steve, Christy, Ian, Shelley, Doug, Drew T, Adam, Drew G, Linda, Meredith, Paul, Becca, Becky, Chris, Graham, Laura, Holly, Brian, MikeK and Kimberly

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Both tunes for this episode are from the Survivor 17 Soundtrack courtesy of Russ Landau which is available on iTunes. Click the album art below if you're interested in purchasing a track or the album from the iTunes store. The outro song is dedicated to Bob.

Survivor Gabon Soundtrack by Russ Landau

00:02 Date
00:05 Ancient Voices Survivor 17 Gabon by Russ Landau
00:28 Introductions
01:41 Tim from Georgia
12:14 Samantha from SoCal
14:48 Kathy W from Cambridge, Mass
20:23 Fancy from California
28:16 John from Houston
34:01 New Listener: Surya
35:40 Shane from Melbourne
44:49 Tammy from Grand Rapids, MI
48:46 Steve from Milwaukee, WI
51:02 Christy from Los Angeles
54:50 Ian from Ottawa
61:43 Shelley from Australia
63:08 Doug from Fort Worth
68:26 Drew T from New Jersey
72:46 New Commentor: Adam
74:18 Drew G from Utah
81:38 Linda from Michigan
83:15 Meredith from Italy
85:55 Paul from Louisiana
91:46 Becca in Okinawa
94:42 Becky from Florida
95:48 Chris from Alabama
99:41 Graham from Scotland
106:00 Laura from Germany
108:44 Holly L from Oceanside
112:50 Brian from Georgia
117:34 MikeK from SoCal
124:02 Kimberly from Tokyo
128:01 Wrap-up
124:23 Fighting Chance by Russ Landau

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