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Gabon Episode 4

Wow, we still haven't had a blindside at Tribal Council, but they sure blindsided the fans with this episode.

We never figured we would see such a well rounded player in a strong alliance go out this early. Kelly got her revenge and plenty of airtime this week. What do you think about the new tribes?

Were you impressed with Kelly this week? Does she have a smart, strong social game, or is she just lucky? What would you have done if you had a chance to collect a second HII? If Fang loses again, who should they focus on to vote out? What do you think about this final four: GC, Crystal, Ken and Kelly?

Here are the new tribes after the fourth episode:
KOTA: Bob, Charlie, Corrine, Dan, Marcus, Randy, and Susie
FANG: Ace, Crystal, GC, Kelly, Ken, Matty, and Sugar

Jo Ann thinks Ken will be the next to be voted out. Stacy thinks Sugar will be blindsided. Who do you think will be voted out next?

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The intro music for this show is dedicated to Kelly. The outro music is dedicated to all the JSFL players that lost their USB. Here are the links in case you want to download the songs or learn more about the artists.
Upside Down by Last Fair Deal
My Blonde Left by Briareus

00:02 Date
00:04 Upside Down by Last Fair Deal
00:59 Introductions
02:53 Recap
44:43 Next on Survivor
47:35 JSFL Update
53:46 My Blonde Left by Briareus

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