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China Episode 10 LF

It's time for another helping of Listener Feedback. You can bet everyone has something to say about the first Survivor to ever hold two immunity idols and get voted out before ever playing either of them.

The LF shows are where you get to co-host the show with us, share your views on the most recent episode and your predictions for what you think we can expect next. Most of us really enjoyed episode 10 with one exception. The "cliffhanger" was a unanimous disappointment. We got some really good analysis of PGs choices for who to take on the reward challenge, Amanda taking the initiative to get rid James, an assessment of this season's real villian, and Brian brought some humble pie for everyone to enjoy!

This week we hear from: Kathy, Toledo Dave, Doug, Graham from Florida, MikeF, Brad, Carol, John, Rob, Paul, Graham from Scotland, Sandi, MikeK and Brian.

We love hearing what you thought about each episode, and we've got several ways you can reach us. You can call and leave a voicemail at 206-350-JASS(5277). You can record an audio comment and attach it or just type up a quick text message and send it to us via email at Lastly, there's a link for comments on the web page here. You can click that link and post your thoughts out there for everyone to see.

The intro music is dedicated to James. We all wish we had been able to interview him last week. The outro is another beautiful tune from Kip Traylor and evokes thoughts of home and family which we expect the Survivors to be focusing on in episode 11. Links to each artist or band included below in case you want to learn more about their music.
La Fayette Cajun by Blue Stew
Home by Kip Traylor

00:01 Date
00:06 Where Did It All Go Wrong by Michael Dimitri
01:23 Introductions
03:06 Kathy from Reisterstown, Maryland
05:50 Toledo Dave
07:57 Doug from Fort Worth
10:15 Graham from Port Richey, Florida
12:02 Mike from Hampstead
15:15 Brad from New York
21:34 Carol from NorCal
27:04 John from Indiana
32:25 Listener RobF
37:14 Paul from Louisianna
44:20 Graham from Scotland
47:54 Sandi from Georgia
52:34 MikeK from SoCal
59:20 Brian from Georgia
71:00 Home by Kip Traylor

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