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South Pacific Episode 8

Well, what do you think of Cochran now? Did he single handedly doom Savaii's chances at the million? Did they bring this on themselves? Is there any scenario where Cochran can still win? Dawn appeared to take yet another ride on the emotional roller coaster this week. What did you make of her advice to Cochran? Did she lose her shot at winning too? Do you think the crazy elements of Upolu can hold it together long enough to dispatch all the Savaii members? What do you think Keith's chances are to win his way back from Redemption Beach?

Here is the merged tribe after episode 8.
Te Tuna:Cochran, Dawn, Jim, Ozzy and Whitney, Albert, Brandon, Coach, Edna, Rick, and Sophie
Redemption Beach: Keith vs. ?

Our next prediction for vote out is Ozzy. You know they will be gunning for him the first time he loses individual immunity. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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