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Survivor Fans Podcast

Jo Ann and Stacy follow the hit reality show Survivor. The Survivor Fans Podcast is the oldest running podcast dedicated to Survivor, currently covering their 28th season of CBS' hit reality show. Jo Ann and Stacy are your hosts covering episode recaps, fan reactions and predictions.

Oct 2, 2005

Hello Survivor Fans!

Let's talk about what happened in episode 3.

Did you think Brianna was the right choice, or should they have chosen Amy who may have seriously damaged her ankle?

Do you think Yax'ha has a chance, or is Stephanie doomed to be a perpetual loser? :)

Jo Ann's pick for the next to go in episode 4 is Judd if Nakum loses and Lydia if Yaxha loses. Stacy is sticking with his pick from last week for Nakum, and says it will be Bobby Jon. He thinks Amy will have a hard road to recovery and therefore favors her as the next to go for Yaxha. Who's your pick?

As many of the listeners have pointed out, the producers love to change things up, especially when it appears that a tribe is comfortable in their strategy and decisions. Do you think there's a big change in store for episode 4? If so, what would you want it to be?

Let us know what you think. You can call and leave a voicemail at 206-350-JASS(5277). You can record an audio comment on your PC and send it to us via email at With either of those options, we can include your audio directly into the Listener Feedback shows.

You can also send us your input as a normal email and we'll read it into the show when we record. Lastly, there's a link for comments on the web page here. You can click that link and leave your picks for the biggest losers and most likely winners right on the page for all to see.

Here's the links to the music we played on tonight's show in case you liked it and want to download it:
Baha Taxi by Brain Buckit (Note: Stacy flipped the name of the song and the name of the band in the audio portion of the show)
In the Circle by Hungry Lucy

Show Notes
00:00 Date for iPod Shuffle Users
00:07 Intro Music: Baha Taxi by Brain Buckit
00:51 Introductions
02:21 Stacy Picked Brianna
03:18 After Tribal Council, Brian Celebrates
04:28 Nakum's Nuisance and Stacy sees food
06:18 Reward Challenge: Blindfolded Risks
10:11 Stephanie: Loser Magnet
11:15 Brianna Isolates
13:50 Coolin Off with the Crocs
17:20 Brian get Manic
18:52 Immunity: Court Ball!
20:30 Rafe and Brian Play Well
20:44 Danni Rocks!
22:03 Don't Cry Steph
23:15 Was Brianna ill?
24:47 Lydia needs new Hips
25:15 Tribal Council: Buh-bye Brianna
26:18 Next Time on Survivor
29:13 Blobby Jon turns on Margaret
30:46 A Women's Alliance
35:03 Predictions for Episode 4
38:05 Questions for the Listeners
38:48 Check out the Pictures on the Website
39:33 How to Contact Us
41:50 Outro Music: In the Circle by Hungry Lucy

Links for Today's Show
podsafe music network
Listener Feedback for Episode 2

Contact Info:
Voicemail: 206-350-JASS(5277)

Enjoy, Jo Ann and Stacy