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JASS Survivor Interview: Stephenie LaGrossa Greetings Stephenie/Survivor Fans,

We resolved our hosting limitation problems. We decided to pay a little extra this month to boost up our limit so we could get this interview out to you sooner.

This our third and final interview in the three part series that we conducted during Media Day 2006 for Survivor the Ride at Paramount's Great America.

This time we sit down with Stephenie LaGrossa from Survivor Palau and Survivor Guatemala.

Listen to what she has to say in reply to which season was the toughest based on her extreme experiences. And yes, she even comments on Judd, Judd's wife, and how bad Jaime really got before they got rid of him.

Conducting these interviews was a great experience for long time Survivor fans like us. I hope we can find a way to do more and share them with you in the future.

Here's the link to Stephenie's website:

Jo Ann and Stacy
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