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Heroes vs. Villains Episode 4


Yes! Our first blindside of the season and what a doozy.

Will Amanda showcase her skills as a strategist, or will she be set adrift without Cirie to guide her? Has Tom found a way to save himself and Colby? Things are looking grim for Russell this time around. Can you see a way he can recover from betraying his tribe and searching for the HII alone?

Here are the tribes after episode 4.
Heroes:Amanda, Candice, Colby, James, J.T., Rupert and Tom
Villains:Coach, Courtney, Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Rob, Russell, Sandra and Tyson

Jo Ann thinks Coach will be next. Stacy's going to let his vote out roll and stick with Russell. Who is your pick for the next one to be voted out?

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The new version of Ancient Voices for this season is available in iTunes!
Survivor Heroes vs. Villains double by Russ Landau

00:00 Date
00:04 Ancient Voices 20 by Russ Landau
00:30 Introductions
31:40 NToS
35:50 JSFL Update
40:54 Ancient Voices 20 by Russ Landau

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