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Jo Ann and Stacy follow the hit reality show Survivor. The Survivor Fans Podcast is the oldest running podcast dedicated to Survivor, currently covering their 28th season of CBS' hit reality show. Jo Ann and Stacy are your hosts covering episode recaps, fan reactions and predictions.

Nov 7, 2008

Wow, Dr Feelgood made an early exit. Most of us didn't see that one coming, but six savvy JSFL players were rewarded with a 2 point FoJ, First on Jury, bonus this week!

Sugar surprised no one by crying after learning that she had betrayed the one person that had consistently protected her. Bob was sure regretting last week's choice too. Do you think it would have hurt Marcus in any way to let Susie pick who they were voting out this week?

Was it truly wise to discard the HII or would you have taken it to guarantee yourself at least 3 more days? Do you think Susie really stands a chance to make it to final 3? Why is Kenny so confident that he will make final 4?

Here are the new tribes after the eighth episode:
New New KOTA: Bob,Crystal, Ken, and Susie
New New FANG: Charlie, Corinne, Matty,Randy, and Sugar

If next week's immunity is a team effort, we both think Bob will be next to go. Who do you think will be voted out next?

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Russ Landau granted us permission to feature his music on the show. This episode, we're highlighting a track from the recently released Survivor Gabon soundtrack and the outro is from the Survivor China soundtrack. Both are available on iTunes. Click the images below to go to each album in the iTunes store.

Survivor Gabon Soundtrack by Russ Landau

Survivor China Soundtrack by Russ Landau

00:02 Date
00:05 Ancient Voices Survivor 17 Gabon by Russ Landau
00:30 Introductions
01:50 Recap
46:14 Next Time on Survivor
49:32 JSFL Update
61:11 Farewell by Russ Landau

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