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Gabon Episode 5

Uhg, at least the first person that quit last season was suffering from a broken jaw. Who knows, maybe GC will get to DJ at the finale.

The Brat alliance led by the Evil 3 took a big hit this week. Will this spell the end for them or will they rally to take down Ace as their losing streak continues?

Dan's so comfortable at the new Kota tribe, that he's decided to let his true self show through. Do you think he might have just made himself a bigger target than quiet Susie? How is it that Kelly lasted longer than GC? Do you think there's any chance that Fang can rally at this point? Have you started rooting for Ace yet?

Here are the new tribes after the fifth episode:
New KOTA: Bob, Charlie, Corinne, Dan, Marcus, Randy, and Susie
New FANG: Ace, Crystal, Kelly, Ken, Matty, and Sugar

Jo Ann thinks Ace will be the next to be voted out. Stacy is worried that Ken may be in jeopardy but believes that Crystal will be the next Evil 3 casualty. Who do you think will be voted out next?

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Russ Landau granted us permission to feature his music on the show. We're highlighting tracks from the recently released Survivor Gabon soundtrack which is available on iTunes. You can click the image below to jump directly to the album.

Survivor Gabon Soundtrack by Russ Landau

00:02 Date
00:04 Ancient Voices Survivor 17 Gabon by Russ Landau
01:12 Introductions
02:22 Recap
39:09 Next on Survivor
49:40 JSFL Update
55:14 Breaking Point by Russ Landau

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